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JCDecaux is the world's largest outdoor advertising company, with over one million advertising sites in more than 80 countries on five continents

For more than 50 years, JCDecaux has played a significant role in developing city landscapes all over the world. Today, JCDecaux is the world’s biggest outdoor advertising company, with over 1 million panels in more than 80 countries on 5 continents.

JCDecaux has the contract for advertising on seven of the world’s ten biggest airports and is also the leading provider of advertising on public transportation.

JCDecaux is the most innovative and influential provider when it comes to digitization of outdoor advertising. In several JCDecaux-countries, the digital share has already passed 50 percent. We also offer programmatic buying of our panels in a list markets, and any more are on the way.



Since the beginning in 1964, Jean-Claude Decaux and his designers have worked with their own design for street furniture. Early in the 90s a strategic decision was made to start working closely with some of the world’s leading architects and designers.

A close cooperation was established with living legends such as Lord Norman Foster - known for the New Wembley Stadium and the Reichstag in Berlin, Philippe Starck - most known for Alessi's kitchen products, Knud Holscher, Renzo Piano, Martin Szekely, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, to name a few.

Products from most of them are also present in Norway. JCDecaux has also worked closely with Norwegian architects Birger Heyerdahl, Arne Henriksen, Arne Eggen and Niels Torp.

The basic philosophy of all our product development is to provide the city with timeless design and functional furniture. Products are made to be maintenance-efficient. The furniture should be able to be cleaned regularly with minimal time consumption, while the material selection ensures the parts prone to vandalism to be effectively replaced without any inconvenience to the public.


JCDecaux always have, and always will, have a passion for cleaning and maintenance. To ensure this we have developed systems for quickly reporting and fixing any issues. With this, JCDecaux has set the standard for the industry.

Service and maintenance are carried out by specialists in our technical department. As more than half of the company’s employees, they are the core of JCDecaux. They are also the guarantee for us living up to one of our most important main philosophies: That JCDecaux, at any time, shall deliver top quality maintenance and cleanliness of our street furniture and panels to clients and partners.


JCDecaux has a sustained and fundamental focus on quality in all parts of the value chain. We never compromise on the quality of materials in our street furniture. They are manufactured to withstand the burden of city life for more than 20 years, and we have strict demands when it comes to any installation work.

The same goes for quality in our employees and our internal systems. We shall be a great place to work, while also holding our employees and their work to high standards.

JCDecaux has since the beginning in 1964 been a pioneer in innovating outdoor advertising, and this is also true for our business here in Norway. This is especially visible in the products and campaign possibilities we offer advertisers.


JCDecaux Norway was established in 1998 and has about 80 employees.

JCDecaux Norway was established in 1998 and have about 80 employees today. Our first contract for advertising funded street furniture was signed early with the municipality of Tønsberg. Today, we are present all over the country and have a weekly reach of over 50 percent of the population.

In addition to city contracts we are present with both classic and digital panels in more than 60 shopping malls. We have panels in the biggest train stations, and since 2002 we have had the contract for the Airport Express Train.

JCDecaux Norway is one of the most digitized countries in the group. Consequently, we also possess the highest expertise and knowledge within digitization of the industry.



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