Station Domination by Coca-Cola

  • Sep 5th, 2018

“Red is the new black” is the name of the campaign when Coca Cola reveals the new design of the sugar-free Coca Cola. The black Zero has become red and has a new name.

Coca Cola says that this is one of the biggest adjustments to their brand throughout history. They have selected Norway ad one of the first countries in the world to bring about this change.

Grand event
Utilizing Station Domination at Oslo Central Station was a central part of the launch. Big, dominating surfaces, both classic and digital, were used. Special formats such as 60 sqm floor foil and branding in the stairs were used for the first time in a campaign at Oslo Central Station.

The animation on the screens was also adjusted to the speed of the escalators, ensuring a good flow through all screens for those who were on the escalators.

The entrance to Oslo Central Station from Jernbanetorget subway station is the most used entrance to the entire station. In total, over 930 000 people visit Oslo Central Station every week.


  • Gullhaugveien 7


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