Oslo VS New York

  • Dec 12th, 2018

To build excitement about the 2018 World Chess Championship held in London this past November, VGTV, and JCDecaux partnered to create a live interactive chessboard competition. The defending champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and his challenger, American Fabio Caruana, played against each other. This event inspired a live streaming game which allowed travelers in Oslo Central Station to compete against passers-by in New York Times Square just before the real match between Carlsen and Caruana was live-streamed on VGTV.

The participants were filmed and appeared on the Oslo Train Station and New York Times Square screens along with the live chess board game. Participants played using an iPad and were egged on by automatic messages displayed on-screen after they played, such as “Great move, USA” or “Go Norway.”

The live game lasted for 3 hours and created a great buzz around the event before continuing on VGTV website.



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