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JCDecaux operates exclusively within public spaces. This means that we have significant responsibility because we shape the daily lives of members of the general public through our street furniture, which carries commercial messages for products and services.

Since our company was founded in 1998, JCDecaux Norge AS has maintained an active collaboration with the authorities, through which we have jointly developed schemes that serve the interests of both parties.

Our parent company JCDecaux SA got listed on the stock exchange in 2001, and in connection with this, a Code of Ethics was formalized for use by the companies within the JCDecaux group. These ethical values guide the group in relations with both employees and third parties. The Code of Ethics consists of a set of guidelines, which all companies within the group are obligated to adhere to in their everyday work.

The principles behind these rules are based on JCDecaux’s foundational values: Quality, Honesty, and Openness.

An increasing number of assignments are entrusted to private enterprises like us, which means that we have a responsibility that extends beyond our primary activities. This responsibility imposes several requirements regarding continual compliance and quality in the work that we deliver as a company.

Sustainable Development
The Sustainable Development Direction was established in 2007 to reflect the JCDecaux group’s obligation to seek to achieve financial growth with simultaneous respect for people and the environment. JCDecaux’s continual engagement with these challenges emphasizes the group’s dedication to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and global obligations.


JCDecaux sets strict requirements regarding our products’ environmental friendliness, our impact on the external environment, and maintaining a satisfactory working environment for our employees. These requirements apply to our activities, as well as those of our sub-suppliers. We undertake extensive HSE work and have comprehensive HSE plans that form part of our ISO 14001 environment management system. We make project-specific HSE plans for larger projects, in addition to the external environment and quality plans.

Our HSE manager is responsible for ensuring that JCDecaux adheres to all requirements, including our internal ones and those imposed through legislation and regulations governing health, safety and environment work.

JCDecaux consistently ensures the well-being of our employees through good, productive working terms and conditions, as well as a satisfactory working environment that ensures the health and safety of all employees.


At JCDecaux, we have basic respect for our employees and the rules of the labor market in general. Since the company’s employees primarily undertake our activities, it is of great importance that we are actively involved in public debate and the forums which affect and develop our working conditions. Therefore, JCDecaux is a member of Abelia – NHO’s association for knowledge and technology enterprises.

You can read more about Abelia here.

The majority of our operations and maintenance employees are members of Norsk Arbeidsmandsforbund (NAF). The association mainly organize employees in management, construction and maintenance positions.

You can read more about Arbeidsmandsforbundet (NAF) here.  


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