Entries by Stian Husby

Live stream painting at Oslo Central Station

Dent Oi partnered with Marvelous and Snapchat artist Geeohsnap to live paint the Oslo Central Station for its sugar-free pastilles. For two hours he took pictures of random people and transformed the photo into a creative piece of art. Famous for his creations, he took the show live to Oslo Central Station. Please see video […]

Samsung The Frame – Art on the Wall

It transforms into a beautiful piece of art when the TV is not being viewed, seamlessly blending into any room’s décor. We made a exhibition for the new TV. Blended inn with stunning photos, we put two of the Samsung The Frame TV’s. The wall of art was located at Østbanehallen, a high end arena […]

Bus shelter serves coffee

It’s the little things that count. To encourage people to spend time with elderly people, volunteer website Frivillig.no created a brilliant campaign at a bus shelter in Oslo with JCDecaux Norway. The campaign served a coffee to passers-by who were willing to talk to the old man, streamed live on the digital panel, while waiting […]